A Leak or Flood Can Be Devastating Both Emotionally and Financially

Protect Your Home and Valuables from Water Damage with the SimpleSENCE™ Water Leak and Freeze Detector

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Leak Sensor

The small ergonomic size of the SimpleSENCE™ detector with wrap-around water sensors allows for optimal placement in any leak-prone area.

Temperature Sensor

Monitors ambient temperatures, especially in cold weather areas that are prone to bursting pipes.

Instant Alert Notifications

Receive instant alert notifications to your smart phone as soon as a leak or temperature variant is detected.

Audible Alarm

Audible alarm activates when a leak or temperature variant is detected to alert anyone in the house when your smart phone may not be close by.

Customizable Alert Set Up

With customized set-up of the alerts you can stay up-to-date and informed via your preferred communication method.

Long Battery Life

Extended 2-year battery life with low-battery power notification to your smart phone.

Multi-Sensor Functionality to Use Anywhere in Your Home

The SimpleSENCE™ Water Leak and Freeze Detector combines protective features that blanket your home with layers of security for family safety and peace of mind. 

Learn About SimpleSENCE™

The SimpleSENCE™ Instant Alert App

With customized set-up of the alerts, you can stay up-to-date the way you decide.

1. WiFi Integration

2. Sensor Set Up

3. Alert Notification


Thank you SimpleSENCE, your leak detector saved us thousands of dollars! While I was at work your sensor notified me that there was a leak detected in our upstairs bathroom. I was able to get home and shut off the water before any significant damage was done. If we did not have the SimpleSENCE leak detector, we would have come home to a flooded house with significant water damage. We cannot thank you enough.

Paul A, Stony Point, NY

SimpleSENCE has given me peace of mind. I own a vacation home that we rent out and never knowing if our renters will accidently leave the water on, I am able to rest easy knowing the SimplSENCE sensor is providing protection for my investment when I am not there.

Ted L, Avon, CO

Great product and very easy to set up. Because I’m retired and live alone, I recently purchased a SimpleSENCE for my basement because it’s hard for me to get down there regularly. I was able to set up the sensor in a matter of minutes and am pleased to say it works exactly as advertised. Thanks for making a great product.

Mary K, Youngstown, OH