As I lay in my bed, awash with fright,

Something felt wrong, just didn’t feel right

‘Twas All Hallow’s Eve, when ghosts do appear

And we all find ourselves in the grip of pure fear.


But it wasn’t a ghost that quickened my heart,

Nor a vampire’s gaze that gave me a start

Nor a demon’s cold touch that created a chill,

Nor a hideous beast moving in for the kill.


Then suddenly I grasped the root of my dread,

It fell on me hard, like a blow to the head.

‘Twas the trickle of water, dripping ever so slow.

But from where, was the question – I just didn’t know.


I arose from my bed, creeping soft as a mouse,

Hoping to find the place in my house,

Where this unholy, unnerving drip had been born,

Stabbing my soul like a prick from a thorn.


As I walked down the hall, the sound grew intense,

When I came to the bathroom, it began to make sense

‘Twas the leak of a pipe, I hastened to think,

In the cabinet resting just under the sink.


I opened the cabinet door with relief,

Convinced that I’d found the source of my grief,

But what I then saw sent a chill up my spine,

I discovered the drip – just not nearly in time.


The water had gone through the cabinet bottom,

The whole thing was wet, the wood was all rotten,

Worse yet, the water had gone through to the floor,

And drenched it and soaked it all the way to its core.


The air began filling with the odor of mold,

Like a corpse long since dead and whose soul had grown cold.

The cabinet looked like an overturned ship,

And all from the scourge of one tiny drip.


So, my fear had a cause, this was no phony scare,

It had shaken my psyche, it had laid my heart bare,

Halloween had always put fear in my bones,

But this year it brought a wet plague to my home.


With a vow that such torment would happen no more,

Some SimpleSENCE units will arrive at my door.

Under sinks, under boilers they would watch out for leaks,

And alert me to when I should take a quick peek.