Everyone loves trivia. Whether it involves sports, movies, celebrities, food or Taylor Swift’s love life, we all enjoy reading factoids that provide interesting but ultimately useless information.

At SimpleSENCE, makers of one of the best – and simplest – water leak and freeze detectors on the market, we’re no different. We’re huge trivia fans. The thing is, after being in business for some time now, we have some fascinating (OK, maybe that’s a little strong – how about “mildly interesting”) tidbits about SimpleSENCE – the company and its products – that will shock and amaze you (OK, maybe that’s a little strong – how about “that will keep you from falling asleep”).

Here are 10 things you may not know about us but will be excited (OK, well…you know) now that you do:

  1. Purchasing and placing even one SimpleSENCE in a leak-prone area of your home can save you money on your home insurance. (We personally know someone who saved $80 a year on his home insurance after paying just $44.95 for a single unit. When we say it pays to use SimpleSENCE, we mean it literally.)
  2. The male long-tailed widow bird is the animal with the longest tail in relation to its body. It measures three feet which is four times the length of its 9-inch body. The fully sensing tail on our new Capteur is also three feet long but is not nearly as attractive.
  3. Speaking of Capteur, we named it after the French word for “sensor.” It may not seem overly creative, but everything does sound better in French.
  4. Water is detected by SimpleSENCE at just 1mm of accumulation. That translates to just .04 inches of liquid, to show you how sensitive the unit is. (It’s also equivalent to 80665 pascal, although we have no idea what that means.)
  5. Here’s an interesting fact about Oceanside, CA, where SimpleSENCE is located: Legendary crooner Bing Crosbyreceived a speeding ticket from Oceanside police officer Guy Woodward in 1936. He was fined $35. It’s rumored that the officer was a Frank Sinatra fan.
  6. The alert alarm is 80 decibels, which is the same level as a typical garbage disposal. And you can hear those from anywhere in the house.
  7. The SimpleSENCE temperature sensor will trigger a low temperature alarm at 39° F. That’s just 88889 Celsius. That sounds a lot colder, doesn’t it?
  8. Not about SimpleSENCE specifically, but did you know that, according to some estimates, a home can lose as much as 14 gallons of water per day through a single hidden leak? Actually, when you think about it, this was about SimpleSENCE.
  9. The average battery life for a SimpleSENCE unit is a whopping two years! That’s far more than most electronic devices - especially your TV remote control, in which the batteries generally last about 20 minutes.
  10. You probably will never need a SimpleSENCE unit if you live in Oymyakon, Siberia, Russia. Oymyakon is the coldest permanently-inhabited place on Earthand is found in the Arctic Circle’s Northern Pole of Cold. The average temperature is -67.7°C -89.86F. If you live there, it’s safe to assume your pipes are basically always frozen.

 As we stated at the beginning, we thought these were some intriguing (OK, maybe that’s a little strong – how about vaguely entertaining) things to know about the SimpleSENCE product and the environment in which is operates. Even if you weren’t impressed, this will definitely impress you: SimpleSENCE is the best way to save yourself the headaches and money from damage caused by hidden water leaks or frozen pipes.

That should grab everyone’s attention.