It’s getting dangerously close to the holidays, and you still have presents to buy. We know how you feel. We’re procrastinators, too.

The good news is that your search is over. Our SimpleSENCE Water Leak and Freeze Detector makes an outstanding gift for virtually anyone on your list. Your parents. Your relatives. Any of your friends who own houses, especially older houses with plumbing from the Stone Age.

SimpleSENCE is the gift that keeps on giving throughout the year – and beyond - because its keeps giving the gift of protection. Protection of your home’s structural integrity. Protection against the financial woes that even the most minor hidden water leaks can cause (the cost to repair and clean up water damage can range from $1,145 - $4,425, according to Home Advisor). Maybe most important, protection from the disruption and mental anguish that water damage can wreak on a homeowner’s life.

While all this protection provides the most solid reason to give the gift of SimpleSENCE, there are other reasons worth noting:

Dollars and Sense: SimpleSENCE units are a bargain at $69.95. You were probably going to spend at least that much on your Uncle Irving and Aunt Wilma, and let’s face it, they don’t really need another high-tech wine opener. In fact, chances are good they stopped drinking a few years back and you weren’t even aware of it. Even if you buy three SimpleSENCE units at a time (always a good idea considering there are multiple locations in a home that can spring a leak), it’s going to cost you less than a nice meal for two at an upscale restaurant. And whoever gets the three-pack won’t have to send back the SimpleSENCE units because they’re undercooked.

No Assembly Required: For your recently married friends who just bought a house, were you going to buy an ultra-modern armoire or bookcase from Ikea? Just don’t – unless you want your friends to never speak to you again. Don’t get us wrong, Ikea makes some beautiful products. But unless you have a degree in mechanical engineering, your friends are likely to spend the better part of the holiday season assembling their new furniture. And when they’re finally done and see that there are 14 parts left over that somehow didn’t make it into the finished product, there’s a decent chance they will disavow any knowledge of your existence. With SimpleSENCE, it’s just turn it on, drop them where you want them, set up the app, done.

Please, No More Ties. Face it, if you get your dad another tie, he’ll write you out of his will. If you get your mom a new vacuum cleaner, she may physically assault you with it. Your dad hasn’t worn the last seven ties you’ve bought him, why is he going to wear this one – because it’s made by a designer whose name he can’t pronounce? And getting your mom anything to do with cleaning the house is basically saying, “I know you’ve cleaned the house for the last 50 years, so by all means, don’t stop now.” A three pack of SimpleSENCE will tell that that you care about them and their home. That’s a message they’d love to hear.

It’s Techy – But Not Too Techy. For your friends or relatives who love technology, SimpleSENCE will give them a good dose of it, what with its specialized smartphone app and WiFi connectivity. For your more technologically challenged relatives or friends, it will provide them with just enough technology to make them feel like they’ve entered the 21st century, but since it doesn’t require all kinds of additional equipment like home automation hubs or extra wiring, it won’t make then uncomfortable. It’s a great balance of technology for both the Einsteins and the Feinstein's.

You’ve Got Our Support. If you have a problem with any gift that just doesn’t work the way it’s supposed to, you’ll have to deal with customer service. While most companies at least try to be helpful, it’s a 50/50 crapshoot. Some companies are proficient at it, others fall far short of the mark. At SimpleSENCE, we have FOUR separate levels of customer service should anything not be up to your standards in any way. Currently, customers with questions about the device or set up can consult FAQ’s on the SimpleSENCE website; engage in online chat; call on the phone; or text a third-party customer service company recently hired by SimpleSENCE, while the customer is actually setting up the app on their phone.

 There are other reasons as well, but the point is, SimpleSENCE makes for a terrific holiday gift for everyone on your list. And by giving SimpleSENCE, you’re giving a gift that will bring protection and peace of mind to your family, friends and relatives for a long time.

 We have to go now. That Ikea armoire we just received is not going to build itself.