Sencentric Adds New Capteur Water Leak and Freeze Detection

OCEANSIDE, Calif. — Sencentric, a provider of environmental sensing technology, announces the addition of the new Capteur Water Leak and Freeze Detector sensors to the SimpleSENCE Enterprise Program.

SimpleSENCE Enterprise is a scalable, commercial version of the company’s consumer water and leak detection system.

According to a press release, the web-based user interface and cost-effective pricing model make SimpleSENCE ideal for commercial businesses — such as apartments, condominiums, data centers, warehouses and vacation rentals — that want to guard against structural or equipment damage from undetected water leaks and frozen pipes.

The SimpleSENCE Water Leak and Freeze Detector was at the heart of the Enterprise Program. Billed as easy to set up and use, the original SimpleSENCE alerted users to water or leak conditions via email, text or both. Its compact size allows it to fit into the tightest, leak-prone areas. And because it’s WiFi-based, it requires no additional wiring or equipment.

The replacement of the original SimpleSENCE devices with Capteur makes the Enterprise Program even more powerful, the press release states. Capteur employs the original SimpleSENCE unit as its foundation but also features a fully sensing, three-foot “tail” to substantially widen the water and freeze detection area.

Users of SimpleSENCE Enterprise will now have greater protection against the costly repairs — and potential loss of revenue — that a hidden leak can cause, according to the press release.

Another feature of Capteur is the removal of the speaker holes, used for the audible alarm. This helps make the unit watertight, as well as eliminating the possibility of false alerts in highly humid environments. Plus, it resulted in virtually no loss of decibel level in the alarm. (The same change was made in the original unit.)

Capteur’s inclusion in SimpleSENCE Enterprise will continue to give building and facility managers full, 24/7 monitoring and control of and input from large numbers of sensors, all from an easy-to-monitor desktop interface. SimpleSENCE Enterprise also allows business users to scale their leak protection with unlimited sensors deployed in multiple locations; unlimited alert notifications; unlimited (and encrypted) notification contacts; and the ability to conveniently monitor the sensor battery life and WiFi strength of each individual sensor.