We at SimpleSENCE know that we’re all going through some difficult times right now. The current health crisis has thrown families, business, relationships, everything into chaos. The actions being taken by our federal, state and local authorities are encouraging, but it goes without saying, things are a bit rough right now. And the length of this situation is an unknown that is a bit unnerving to everyone.

 If there’s any silver lining at all, it’s the resiliency that people throughout the country and the world have shown. Health care workers are taking care of others at great risk to their own safety. People are checking on their elderly neighbors – at a safe distance -- to make sure they are holding up. Most importantly, people are practicing the social distancing thing, doing their part to “flatten the curve,” a term with which we have all become far too familiar.

(Side note: Doesn’t Dr. Fauci make you feel better every time he opens his mouth? He’s like your grandfather, with that nice, soothing manner. But he’s way smarter.)

Our methods of maintaining contact with our business colleagues and loved ones has certainly changed. Zoom has become all the rage, as we teleconference with the people in our lives whom we can no longer have face-to-face contact. In some ways, Zoom is even better than meeting in person; if you get bored, you can just say that your internet connection is breaking up and end the call, just as your sister starts recounting all her meals from the previous week. And don’t forget our new elbow bumping ritual. The handshake may become extinct, even after the virus is contained.

Given all the time that we now have on our hands, it’s also a good time to tackle some of those home improvement projects you’ve been talking about for so long. Fix the squeaky front door. Replace the old toilet that keeps running for hours until you jiggle the handle. Organize the shelves in your pantry so you can actually find food items before they go 5 or 6 years past their expiration date.


At the risk of a bit of shameless self-promotion, how about getting a five-pack of SimpleSENCE units and dropping them in some of your most leak-prone areas – under your kitchen and bathroom sinks, next to the hot water heater, and up in the attic? The beauty of this project is that it can be done so quickly. You just activate the units, download the app on your smartphone, fill in a few fields, set it and forget it. You will have spent almost no time at all and given your home some much-needed protection against the kind of leaks that can seriously damage your home and cause thousands of dollars in structural damage.

And of course, since you can order them online through our website or through Amazon, you can continue your social distancing with no interruption. You don’t even need an installer coming to the house to put them in. It doesn’t get much easier - or safer – than that.

Look, we realize that there are more important things on your mind than SimpleSENCE. You’ve got friends, family, business associates, your health, and maybe even your job to worry about. And those should remain your top priorities.

But if you’re stuck at home anyway and looking for ways to improve the safety and value of your home – while avoiding human contact - consider bringing us into your home. Then, go fix the door, replace the toilet, and organize the pantry. If you do, you’ll have a lot more to talk about on your next Zoom call.